Component template to handle browser timeouts

Hello Guys

This is to inform about another published component. Recently I came across a requirement where people search for solutions to handle browser page loading delays and timeouts. If such page loading delays exist, automation workflows may run into errors due to not being able to find elements on page as they are not loaded completely.

To handle such scenarios, there should be a mechanism to reload the page until the element is found. However, there should be a maximum number of refresh attempts to make sure the bot does not refresh a page unnecessarily when it’s not loading at a given time.

The component includes two template workflow which address this. One is used at the browser initiation phase. And the other workflow is used to handle page changes in an already open browser.

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Good work :smile: @Lahiru.Fernando

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Great work @Lahiru.Fernando

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Great… I am also looking for same solution. But Hope UiTeam should add such activity in its core functionality.