Complexity estimator

Where can complexity estimator template found for uipath? Basically want to access the complexity of the process to be automated and possibly the time frame it might take to implement.

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I am currently dealing with a similar question myself - specifically how to best estimate the time required for development of an RPA robot based on the complexity, size and number of involved systems of the intended process to be automated. So far, I’ve come across a very insightful research paper which delves into this topic, however it doesn’t seem to give a definitive answer - their matrix for process complexity seems somewhat subjective. The paper is:

Leshob, Abderrahmane, et al. “Towards a Process Analysis Approach to Adopt Robotic Process Automation.” 2018 IEEE 15th International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE) , 2018, doi:10.1109/icebe.2018.00018.

Does anyone else have a more precise method for estimating process complexity, how to measure it and how it corresponds to the RPA implementation timeframe?