Complex String manipulation

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I want to work on complex string manipulations. Could you please provide some workflow to understand that better?


Could you please elaborate complex string manipulations? Could you please let us know what kind of manipulation you are looking for so that we can provide you samples.


Substring, Replace, Search position etc


Thank you @pawanbag. All possible kinds like substring, index of, replace. mainly concentrating on replace now.

Hi @Boopathi,

I will suggest to go with regex wherever possible.

Paresh Borole

Hi @Paresh i have not used regex could you please let me know an example using regex with a sample workflow.


Hi @Boopathi,

Here You have very short exmaple of patter in regex. You need to study subject as Regular Expresion. BTW its awsome tool. (2,1 KB)

This website should help you:
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Thank you @fudi5

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If we have string like Please move File Visit 10/12/2018 File Progress 10/15/2018 to 4567891.

We need only Move, File Visit - 10/12/2018, File Progress - 10/15/2018 and 4567891.

Please suggest

Just replace Please with " " and to with “and”

string.replace(“please”," ").replace(“to”, “and”)