Help to regex-

Hi, i need to remove every thing betwwen "Oprettede profil på Facebook 9. jan. " (2013) and save the 2013.

i need to replace anything infront of 2013, with Nothing so i only got 2013 left over

How can i do that? :slight_smile: im using the new Studop, so i have tried the replace activity but im not doing it right :(.

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Hi @TomOliverNF

You can use substring on it.



@TomOliverNF If you want to take only 2013 you can use this regex Try this and let me know

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Hope this expression would help you

If the input is in a string variable
Str_input = "Oprettede profil på Facebook 9. jan. " (2013)

Use this in a assign activity

Str_output = Split(Str_input,”(“)(1).ToString.Replace(“)”,””).ToString

So the output would be like
Str_output = 2013

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @TomOliverNF


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