Compile Error When Invoking Workflow From Another Project

I have created a workflow in Project A. I am trying to invoke that workflow in Project B but get an error stating:

Unexpected error has occurred during the library compilation process:
The given key ‘C:\Users\D…L\Documents\UiPath\WorkflowPublisher\Workflows\GetUserCredentials.xaml’ was not present in the dictionary.

This happens whether I reference the workflow file in the original project folders and if I copy the workflow file into the new project folder. Do I need to add a reference or edit a dictionary somewhere?


Can you show how you are trying to do the incoke code…as per error i can see the key is missing are you trying to send as disctionary ?

And one thing to note here…you cannot directly trigger a workflow in one project from another…only files in same project can be triggered and in latest versions only relative paths are supported in invoke workflow

Hope this helps


That fixed my problem. When I did copy the workflow file to the new project, I still used full-path reference. Changing it to relative reference made it work. Thanks!!

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