Compile CSV file with PGP Encryption


Please help - Is there a UiPath library/activity for PGP encryption. Bot is compiling a CSV file and is sending this out of the network, so there’s a requirement to send a PGP file

BTW I’m aware of the PGP library option by KellermanSoftware

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I could not find an activity for this, but you could install this library and make use of it in a execute code activity or even develop a custom activity with it…

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Are there other suggestions which don’t incorporate UiPath? e.g. command line?

Who are you sending this to? Do they give you a public key? After you have that, you can find a lot of samples on how to do it, but you will need some library to do it… encryption - C# How to simply encrypt a text file with a PGP Public Key? - Stack Overflow

Hi @mBots_2020 , Did you find any solution for this post?