PGP Encryption Activities

I’m pleased to announce a new custom activity to perform PGP Encryption through your UiPath robot. If you are not familiar with PGP Encryption, here’s how it works:

  • Every PGP user has a key pair: their own private and public keys
  • To encrypt and send messages, use your receiver’s public key
  • To decrypt a received message, use your private key and passphrase

This custom activity is intuitive and easy to use. Enabling you to Securely send, share, and store Sensitive Data, Perform Batch Encryption, and Decryption. In addition to Generating PGP Key Pairs from within your workflow

Example Workflow: (74.7 KB)

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Hello Bernard! Our team has been looking into using PGP in UiPath so I am really interested in this package. When you say soon, do you mean in the next couple of hours or days? As of right now, when I click on the link, it takes me to an error page.

Should be available in a few days. I anticipate early next week. I’m really excited to hear it will be useful to you.

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Any update on this activity?

Hi Sam, thanks for following up… I am still waiting for final approval. Hopefully I’ll received it this week…

Happy to announce that my PGP custom activity is now published and available in the UiPath Marketplace.

Note: The PGP activities are offered to allow robots to interact directly with existing business processes that leverage PGP for privacy. They are not designed to provide new information security paradigms, but instead a means to allow the robot to interact with the existing security that is being deployed within a business.

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@lawes Thanks for the update!

We downloaded the Uipath Cryptography Activity Package and Try to use “Decrypt File” Activity.

But facing the below issue.

Can anyone please help to fix this issue.


was this package removed from the library? im looking into options to encrypt files using PGP and i cant find anything that works.



Hi Pedro, the activity is still available… Are you having trouble accessing it?

Hi Ragini,

Were you able to resolve the issues you faced with this activity?

Hi Bernard,

I tried installing it and the necessary packages and it said it couldnt be installed. I had packages that were different from those that are required in the PGP Encryption package, so i tried installing the previous versions and it still said it wasnt possible to install.

ill post a print of the error i get when i try to install it.

Hi Bernard,

Could you please share use one sample sequence using this activities?

Thanks for the custom activity :slight_smile:


Hi Muthuraj

Pease see attached (63.2 KB)

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Hi Bernard,

i tried to install the package again and from what i could understand, it is related to the dependencies i have installed on my project. The activity says it needs PGP core 5.1.0, UiPath system activities 20.10.1 and UiPath automation activities 20.10.5.

However, im using the new PGP core 5.5.0, UiPath system activities 21.4.0 and UiPath automation activities 21.4.3.

Even though, i tried to downgrade the dependencies to the versions the pgp requires, i couldnt install it.

Hello all,

I’ve updated the example workflow - providing some more basic examples (74.7 KB)

Hi Pedro,

Are you still facing problems?


Can you please advise what is the algorithm and key size used by Generate Key Pair activity?
Project requirements are to use RSA-2048 and want to make sure we are meeting them.

Thank you,


Doe’s anyone know if the keys expire? If so how long until they do?



Hi there,

Can you advise on the error - “Decrypt File: A required privilege is not held by the client”? I’m using PGP Encryption Activities version 1.0.4