Comparing values from excel to Application

i have created the automation in Reframework using excel as input

now i want to compare column A rows values with web application drop down list

ex-- if excel row value is B i want the same B value to to selected form the dropdown list in the application

Please help me

Hi @T_Y_Raju

Read the excel in Get Transaction Data

and store the value of Column A into an Variable and then pass the Variable into the “Select Item” Activity in Process Transaction.


Hope this helps.



Use Select Item activity and pass below value.


iam not using queue here

iam reading the data in the first run

iam not getting the value of excel row value


Iam getting error as object reference not set an instance.

Iam getting this error
Iam not able to get the value from excel


May I know what value it was printed if you print in_TransactionItem ?

empty value

Hi @T_Y_Raju

You need to convert your “Queue Based” RE Framework transaction to “Data table based”
RE Framework transaction , please find the link below for better understanding.

Hope this helps,


I guess you didn’t pass your input data properly here because of that you are getting this error. I would suggest you to go through ReFramework videos to know more about it.

io_transaction data iam getting the total count in data table
but not able to retrieve the value


Can you please show me flow in Get TransactionData workflow.

Here, we will retrieve one by one item from io_TransactionData and will assign it to out_TransactionItem and will send it to Process Transaction Data state to process it.

ok may i know where we have to assign the values