Comparing two Columns from two different datatable, how can we Extract the Unique Cell values Using LinQ?

Table -1 is the Input ,
Assume Table-2 is from a web Page ,
when we click on Particular Team Captain Name from the Table-2 then Table -3 Will be generated.

Bot Should Read The Table-1.

Step-2: Bot Should Click on The TeamCaptain Name from Table-2 (From Web Page)

Step-3: Table-3(Having Single Column) will be Generated here,
Now i have to Compare the Table -3 column with Table-1 Column Name “TeamMembers”, then TeamMembers Who are not there in Table-1 should right In the Output Datatable With Corresponding Team Captain. And this should Iterate for remaining Three TeamCaptains As well for Table-2.

Note: I am Trying to use LINQ for reducing Nested for Loops . Please Help me using LINQ

Thanks in Advance !!

Hi @ppr ,
Can you please help me in this??

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what is it that you want? do you want the result to be the output datatable or does it need to be anything else?

Hi @SoreyJay ,
I need the output as output data table which i mentioned in the above image…

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Cross reference to the duplicated topic:

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