Comparing excel column to file names containing cell info


I’m trying to develop a work flow which will read an excel column then compare the contents of the cell to a folder with many files. If a file name containing the cell info exist, it should skip and move onto the next. If it does NOT exist, It should highlight the excel row.


Folder(C:\Test1) has files : Mary1 - E98.pdf, Mary2 - E99.pdf, Mary3 - E100 & Mary4 - E101.pdf.

My excel sheet (C:\Testdocument.xls) has column entries of E98, E99, E100 & E102

Since E98,E99,E100 exist within the filenames in (C:\Test1) they will be skipped as normal. But since no files names in (C:\Test1) contain E102, the row will be highlighted or could even be placed on a new excel sheet.

You do not need UiPath only for this. Do a macro with VBA to get the files populated in Excel and use the info in here to create formulas for partial match How to lookup partial string match in Excel?


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I simply used Macro express to copy my file name paths , then and paste them in a new excel sheet, Then compare the other row I was look at! Thanks again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: