Comparing current day to get pay period from lists


I have two datetime lists. Data attached in the end of the post. I’d have to compare current day to these lists and based on that select correct pay period which is always two full weeks. So on 26.11 it should select range 11/11/2019 - 25/11/2019

List A includes:

List B:

Hi @Mikko_S

Just a quick clarification, the data at the end of the list is in MM/dd/yyyy format right?
and also lets say if the date is 03/07/2019 then the correct pay period would be 20th Feb 2019 to 6th March 2019?

Yup default datetime format (mmddyyyy). Will do formatting later in the process. Pay period is fixed 14 days. Date in List A 11/11/2019 is Exactly 14 days to List B:s 25/11/2019.

Lists are also built in a way that List A(0) has value 11/11/2019 and List B(0) 11/25/2019.