Pay Period

This should be fairly easy but cannot figure out.
I am building salary periods list.
My starting date is 28.10.2019 where i have to add 14 days. Next period is 14 days from that etc.
End result should be like:
12.11.2019-26.11.2019 etc.

Then it’d have to select correct period according to input date.

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @Mikko_S,
Create a variable with date datatype
For eg: myDate = “28-10-2019”
Then to get your desired output , use
myDate = myDate.addDays(14)
Hope this will help.


You can try like this.

    yourDate.AddDays(14).Tostring ("dd.MM.yyyy")

These suggestions i was aware of. But i’d have to get a list of dates in a format specified:
(to be continued couple of years :))
So after adding 14 days, i’d need to catch it as a new starting date in my loop…


Like @shankm said you can use the following to increment your date variable by two weeks. Use this on the right side of an Assign activity and put your original datetime variable on the left to set it equal to the new date. Do this inside your loop with whatever activities you’re using to build your list and it will continuously update the variable to the next value necessary.

Thanks! Was thinking way too complicated way… :slight_smile:


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