Comparing 2 columns and i am new to automation please give me the full solution

How to compare Column A and Column B and write in Column C in same sheet and in same excel file and not creating new excel file using uipath automation

  1. use read range activity to read the values from column A and column B
  2. use if condition to compare values
  3. use write cell activity to write back to the excel

If you want the solution share the input excel and what is comparison needed

Hi @Lak_Ui

what is the condition should write in if condition please mam and thanks in advance mam

what is that exactly you need

you need check whether column A =Column B and then write the result to column C?

wait i will send you the excel file mam

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Compare.xlsx (8.4 KB)
in this input file i want read the column A and Column b and Write in column C using uipath that is Column A + Column B=Column C and write in same sheet

mam can you send me the solution ?please

i can see that column A is having letters…Do you want to avoid the letters and do addition operation?

don’t avoid the letters and not adding for example : B4283 707757.4
the operation should be like this which i have mentioned above the example

the example is fine i think so mam can you please send me the solution

Main.xaml (6.3 KB)
Please find attached the solution

i don’t see any solution there it is same mam

please check the attached xaml file

if i run this it is same please check once mam

Hi @sunil.kumar.s.v ,

What is that you need. Please provide more clarity

@sunil.kumar.s.v Check this attached workflow, (9.6 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

yes! and thank you so much for quick response sir :blush:

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