Compare Two sheet in excel and write in new sheet

Hi Team,

I have started working on Ui Path recently and loving it.
I have a task where I need to compare sheet1 of excel with another sheet2 in the same excel with customer name and if it has a match then i have to copy the matching data(sheet1) in another sheet.

I have created a the sequence flow sing for each row and tried to store the data in add data row. but it is throwing error with Input array is longer than the number of columns.

Check this link: Story line of Join Data Table

Use left join for your case


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Let me explain briefly.
I have two sheets where sheet1 haves the customers with invoice details and sheet2 having customers with the document numbers.

I have to check the customer in sheet2 with the sheet1 and identify whether sheet2 customer matches with sheet1 and then check if it has a document number, if yes then i have to copy the sheet1 data of that customer and as well sheet2 data for that particular cust and write it in new sheet with row wise.
Could you please give me an idea to achieve this.

Compare Excel sheets.xlsx (12.2 KB)

I have attached the sample excel sheet with expected output.