Compare two excel tables- reconciliation

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I am trying to compare two data tables with one common column and 15 different value columns with same headers in both tables. I am looking to reconcile both tables and output any row where any one of the 15 values are different. I want the recon report to output only that value for each unique ID where the value is different. Is there any easy way to achieve this ?

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Did we try wit JOIN DATATABLE ACTIVITY where we can mention the primary column for joining, with appropriate join method

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@Palaniyappan I did join both the tables, but now I want to compare all the column values for each employee ID (Primary column) to all column values in the second report. The ouput required is a recon report with employee ID’s and values which are different in both reports. A full join would just join all data rows but I need specifically where the values are different or missing

did this thread met your requirement
kindly try once with this pls

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Hi @Ashish_Mehra,

Please refer below thread.

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@Palaniyappan @san.nagane how can I use the above code to compare multiple columns, each excel sheet has 20 columns with unique employee ID , I am trying to compare values within all 20 for each employee. thank you!