How to vlaidate two values from excel withOut for each

hello i tried to compare two values from excel i used this dt.AsEnumerable.ToList.FindIndex(Function(row) row(“No.”).ToString.Trim.Contains(strSubstring) and row(“status”).ToString.Trim.Equals(“ok”))

but always is -1, if you know how to validate, please tell me thanks

Use Filter Datatable

can you share some data from excel to understand the process


Check out the docs


yes, i have two columns from my excel sheet, i have to read two specific information from there columns, in my first column i have to read numbers and compare with a variable in my workFlow and the second the same how to compare there info, but how comparing this info without for each

If you need yo search for specefic data you can use loockup Data table or lookup Excel

Also, You can use filter data table to filter data that you need depending one more than one column

And you can use LINQ Like:

DT.Asenumerable.Tolist.Findindex(Function(r) r(“Column1”).Tostring.Equals(“val1”) And r(“Column2”).Tostring.Equals(“val2”) And r(“Column3”).Tostring.Equals(“val3”))


The LINQ code retun integer number (Row Number)