Compare two DataTable and remove duplicates

I have two excel tables with the same headers, I want to compare them and remove duplicate data.

In one of the tables it contains all the execution history and in another table it contains the data that I want to check if they have already been executed through the column “Protocolo”. This column contains a unique numbering and therefore I will use it for validation.
If the data in that column is in the first table, then I want to remove it and leave only the data that was not previously executed.

Attached, the main file of how I am trying to solve this problem, but without success and also the two worksheets I am using.

PS: My apologies if my English is not spelled correctly, I am Brazilian lol. (48.3 KB)

Hi @vinicius.botelho :wave:

In your workflow, are you trying to give out a single output DT after removing duplicates?


Perhaps you should use FilterDataTable activity in single for each row as the following.
Hope this helps you. (113.8 KB)

Hi @monsieurrahul.

No, I’m trying to use remove data row, but the following error message appears: “If: This row has been removed from a table and has no data. BeginEdit () will allow the creation of new data on this line. Uipath”

hi, have you solved the question? the same mistake