Compare dates


How to compare dates of the following format
10-Apr-2017 and 15-Apr-2017


Hey @ranjith

Hope those dates are in string format if so then compare them to datetime first convert them into datetime then use “Compare Date” Activity.

or if already they are available in Datetime format then directly pass those values to “Compare Date” Activity.

System.Datetime date1=Convert.ToDateTime("10-Apr-2017");

System.Datetime date2 =Convert.ToDateTime("15-Apr-2017")


Compare two dates

If you just use Cdate which is same as Convert.ToDateTime then use -, +, or = in the conditions.

For examples,

Cdate(“10-Apr-2017”) > Cdate(“15-Apr-2017”) will return False

Cdate(“4/15/2017”) - Cdate(“4/10/2017”) will return 5.00:00:00 or 5 days as a timespan


@ClaytonM and @aksh1yadav thank u for the sugg :blush: