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master data.xlsx (12.3 KB)

hello everyone,
I have 2 excel sheet first is master sheet and second is data2 sheet.
in the both sheet i have some company data. some data of both sheet is different.
there is a company column in both sheet. if company is exist in both sheets then show the staatus in sheet data2 (Company Already Exist). if company not exist in data2 sheet then print that comapny in master data and also show status in status column in data2 sheet i.e. (New company)

data2.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Hi @Lakshya_Garg

Please find the attached xaml file , I created a workflow as you expected and i will attach the output excel with you
data2.xlsx (9.3 KB)

test11.xaml (12.5 KB)

Thank for the solution

please do one more help.
we have to write also new company in master sheet.

In which column you want to write it in master sheet

continue data in master sheet data not in specific column.

Could not able to understand your point can be little bit clear, or share screenshot as you expected

the compnies are new in sheet 2, is copied in master sheet like this image.

Hi @Lakshya_Garg

Please find the attached modified xaml , hope it solve your issue

if its helpful to you kindly mark it as solution and i also attached output files with you
master data.xlsx (12.5 KB)
data2.xlsx (9.5 KB)

test11.xaml (15.4 KB)

Thanks bro for helping

but tell me one think why we do not write anything in double quotes
whats the meaning of this statement

it refers to new company

ok bro
again thanks for helping us


kindly mark me as solution


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