How to add data with status

master.xlsx (12.6 KB)
sample.xlsx (12.6 KB)

There are 2 files

  1. Master file in which all master data is stored
  2. sample file is used to add new data.
    here I have some data in both sheet, some of data is same in both sheet.
    Now here it compare both sheet if data of both the sheet is match then it show status (“Student Exist”) in status column in sample sheet.
    if not match show the status (“New Student”) & then copy that data in master sheet
    and there is also a student id column which is also increase with the adding data.

and please do it in simple way because I am a beginner.
output.xlsx (12.5 KB)

please help

Hi @Lakshya_Garg

Please find the attached xaml , hope it solves your issue

if it is helpful to you kindly mark it as solution, i also attached the output file with you

master.xlsx (11.1 KB)
sample (1).xlsx (12.7 KB)
Main.xaml (20.8 KB)

it shows activity missing

Install Balareva.EasyExcel package

missing activity should be Set Border activity ss attached below

ok i’ll try

its working
Thanks for helping
but one more thing
tell me meaning of this statement “A”+(Length+2).ToString+“:E”+(length2+1).ToString
and also why you use 2 border activity

length variable used to find no of rows present before inserting new student
length2 variable used to find no of rows present after inserting new student

with the help of two variables we used to color the border,
could you please mark it as solution


why we do length+2

can I use only 1 border activity both are same only the differnce is presets.

because in the excel values are starting from 2nd row

you can

both activities are same

difference is border width and type

again Thanks for Helping me
Have a good

please mark me as solution


already done

you wrongly marked your response as solution kindly mark me as solution

now check.


no issues

good luck

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