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If you have any idea for tutorial we could have or you feel that you could make one, please use this LINK and let us know! :slight_smile:


Hi, second link seems broken. or not… it redirects ok after a second :slight_smile:



Not sure if this is the right channel, but I have a question, how can I enroll to create those Tutorials for the Academy or what the process is?, can anyone point me in to the right direction?

I think the way is to create a post here in the FAQ category :slight_smile:

Hi @Jorge_Rincon

You should definitely get in touch with our Academy team via our Academy support page.

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Awesome, thanks!

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Feel free to also message @Vibhor.Shrivastava on the Forum, he might know more :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Rincon In the meantime, I found you an application form here.

You can find more detail in the very first post in this topic. This LINK will bring you there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the guidance, I tried opening the form and I don’t have access to it. I will reach out to Luiza to find out more.

Hi everyone, how to export result query to file excel?

Nice exercise.

A good lesson on conversions.
are all the variables defined in Uipath by default are string?

Hi @loginerror @Pablito @ovi

When I’m doing Introduction to Logging course, the following question image not loading I tried several times but it won’t load I’m using Microsoft Edge Chromium browser


Hey thank you for sharing these course contents, Went through all of them. All are very informative , I suggest everyone have look on these contents. Happy Automation!

Hey Hi, Might be due to local cache, There is no be any specific reason for this cause. My request would be to try with other browsers like mozilla firefox or google, Clear the cache from your browser. Hope this helps

Thank you for creating the tutorial for Document Understanding. I have a question about the Validation Station, I notice that even after I validate the data fields and run the process again the same fields are showing a low confidence score and popping up the Validation Station. Doesn’t that process train the model to know that I have validated or updated the data to give it a 100% confidence score? I thought that once a human validated the data that it would “learn” and not ask again?

Thank you

Hello James,
I had a similar question and asked Lahiru Fernando, the creator of the document understanding tutorial. As far as I understood, the sequence you see in the tutorial doesn’t train anything. The reason behind seems to be that you cannot train the ML extractor on base of a community license. The training you are looking for is supposed to be part of the AI fabric. This part is not shown in the tutorial. You will need an enterprise license for using it. The training will then be individually on base of your data / documents. If I’m wrong I would be happy if other readers of my reply could correct it.


Please explain how to connect uipath with SQL Developer ?

Can anyone help me with this?

my script only loads the last row of the captured table.
while I have to load all columns, in full.


Hi @cosminSimion.

I have submitted three ideas with the form some time ago, and received no answer. Would you mind letting me know whether you got them?
If you need more time that’s fine, I was just wondering whether they got through.