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Hi Andrzej, regret the delay in response, we have received your ideas for the tutorials on 27th Nov and will revert back to you soon for the next steps, we are validating these ideas with the team. Please feel free to mail me at or through the forum anytime you need further help.

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No worries, take your time - I was just wondering whether those did reach you.


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Dear ones, I hope this is the appropriate forum section to post this request. I’m going through the “reboot your skills” course and I was wondering if the course and its contents can be packaged as an iOS/Android app for offline learning (no internet connectivity). Reason for asking this: I’d like to be able to learn using a tablet from everywhere (read: portability of information). Sticking in front of my laptop with internet access is a better option than nothing (so thank you for this wonderful opportunity) however even better is learning when and where the opportunity arises. This way we can fill dead times in our day with more value added tasks - such as learning RPA :slight_smile:

I watched the video on how to use Powershell in UiPath Studio, but it doesn’t state I completed the course, even though I clicked Exit after watching the video. There is no quiz or anything, and I left course feedback and took the survey, but I cannot get the completion diploma due to the course not being labeled as completed.

TRy the foundation cource