Commands to find the db instance used by orchestrator

Hi ,

I had used an account shared by db team to connect orchestrator to DB.Luckily i forgot the instance used:) .Is there a way to find the db user used by orchestrator now ?


You need to have a SQL server installed in your machine to install Orchestrator in your machine. And you need to provide the credentials of that while installing.

If you are using Enterprise edition, then only you can install orchestrator locally :slight_smile:

Hi @ranjani

Check this post

UiPath Orchestrator Database Issue


yeah already did that long back.But the problem is i forgot which credentials i used while installation.I need to know that now

There may be the chance of using windows credentials as many people use them for easy remembering.

I hope, you know the server credentials and you forgot only the UiPath DB creds,try below
Try opening the SQL server in your machine and navigate to security and the user you want to change and open the properties and then change the password

Please let me know if you forgot the entire server creds :slight_smile:

I don’t want to change the password .To be precise i have created two user in db while installation as i faced issue with the first one.I tried two and one among them worked and orches connection was successfull .Now i forgot which user i used .So wanted to know if there is a way to find which user uipath orchestrator is using

I hope there are many ways to do that,

  1. Check web config file of orchestrator . May be there the username will be stored or
  2. easy and may be a funny way, try both the users to connect to uipath db in the SQL server and check which user you are able to connect