Command prompt open error open application

when i try to open the command prompt getting below error
Can some one help me on this

@vivek_sivam - from the selector pls remove the title=’*’ and try.

Thanks @GBK

Hi I have removed the * after that also getting the same error

pls share the Open application selectors here …
you can try as below

<wnd app='cmd.exe' cls='ConsoleWindowClass' />

I have tried whick one you mentioned.
This is my selector

Can you please let me know how to fix this

@vivek_sivam - unable to view your selector text.
please paste your selector in reply to this and click on </> icon to appear selector in reply.


pls update below selector… validate the selector and see it turns to green tick.
<wnd app='cmd.exe' cls=ConsoleWindowClass' />

Sorry i can’t able to update one or more children have validation Please let me know
I’m getting

please add double codes between selector

hi @GBK
Thanks i have updated
Getting below error

follow below steps -

  • manually open the filename path mentioned application
  • once it open
  • Click on Indicate window on screen link
  • navigate to the opened application and select
  • check the selector in open application
  • Save
  • Execute

You mean C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
This one?

am not sure which file are you opening… use the same file name which you try to open via open application filename property

Hi i’m try to open command prompt

Could you please create a flow for open command prompt using open application for me