Open Application displaying Selector not found

Hi, I have an open application with validated selector but when I run the workflow, I get error message selector not found.
This is the selector
<wnd app=“mycrm.exe”; ctrlname=“Form1”; />;

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Could you please try with these changes?
<wnd app='mycrm.exe' ctrlname='Form1' />

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It’s still showing the error

please try the below suggestion
“wnd app=‘mycrm.exe’ ctrlname=‘Form1’ />” or you can use it as wildcard with the name

“wnd app=‘mycrm.exe’ ctrlname=‘Form?’ />”
“wnd app=‘mycrm.exe’ ctrlname=‘Form*’ />”

please try and let me know make sure to copy and past exactly one of the above suggestions

Try below one
<wnd app='mycrm.exe' ctrlname='*Form*' />

can you send me the screenshot of the application selector using uiexplorer.

Arivu :slight_smile:

It didn’t workout! I also tried with wildcardUntitled|690x387

Try using start process activity, instead of open application activity.

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How do u use the start process activity, I’ve specified file path but the process starts and end without errors but doesn’t open the app?

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