Combining Document Validation Action + Form Action in one action


Was wondering if it is possible to combine a document validation action + a form action in the same action?

I.e. I need it to read and extract invoice information (Document Validation Action) but also allow the end user to provide input about the invoice using radio buttons (Is this invoice a credit, non-po, etc.) Was hoping to do this in one action.

Is there any documentation or videos to help with this?

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I’m afraid that’s not possible as of now, as Create Form Task takes only one Task Object as input.

It’ll be good to have multiple actions nested but I believe it’s not feasible now.

Hi @eileen.wilkerson,

Looks like you can achieve it below way?

By this approach, you can have your form attached to form task activity for validation and also collect user inputs at the same time.

Hope this answers your question.