Combine duplicate rows to a single one

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I am working on something and stuck on a condition.
If anyone could help it would be a great help, Condition is
say there are columns named , “PO” ,“PC” “Vendor Number” rows of these contain duplicate values i.e same PO number, PC number and Vendor Number
one more column is “ageing” which contains age exampl. 89, 90, 92 etc
what i have to do is : Combine the duplicate Lines into ONE by adding the Amount of two or more similar lines by following logic, :
1. Apply For Duplicate PO and PC (Same in all the lines) and having the same vendor numbers .
2. The merging of amount can be done with in item having the oldest Ageing.

It would be great help if someone can guide. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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@Palaniyappan can you help ? or please guide someone who can help
@arivu96 can you ?
@aksh1yadav ?

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Hi @Shikhar_Tandon

Have you tried merge datatable activity

Ashwin S

Can we have an example if possible pls

yes sure i have attached a xlsx file here exm.xlsx (14.3 KB)

Here we have to combine duplicate lines into one by adding the amount of two or more similar lines .“Amount” is a column here .
we have to see for duplicate “PO” number , “PC” number, and having same vendor number , which means if the Po number of say 2 line items are same and for these line items the PC number and the vendor column is also same. Then we have to merge these lines into one
One column is also named “Actual ageing” the merging can be done with oldest sgeing. Say . if there are 3 lines which have same PC number PO number and same Vendor then we have to merge the amount into one by refering the column Actual ageing which has the oldest age. say out of 163, 179, 111 we will take 179 as it is oldest one.
So all the three lines will combine into one with the amount corresponding to the oldest age say 179

If not clear please ask again.

Thanks !!