Column Type Change

Hi, all.

I’d like to change the column type of the data table.
The data table was created using data scraping, and the column type is ‘String’.
However, I want to change it to ‘object’.
Please tell me the flow to change the column type through LINQ or activity.

Hello @yekho

Usually while extracting a data table with data scraping, and while reading a data table with read range, it takes up all data columns as a string only. May I know the reason why you trying to change the data type of a column?, are you facing any issues while Filtering the data table?


You must merge the data tables from the Exce file ‘Read Range’ with them.
The column type in the read range data table is ‘object’.

Hi @yekho

I think i have got the solution!!!

Please download the above package i mentioned, It has the activity called “Change Column Type”

After installing the package, Please drag and drop that activity and pass in the input data table to which the column type want to be changed and pass Column Index like {0,1,2,3}, If you want every column’s type to be changes mention every column index!! and Specify a Data table in output property and use it for merging!! You are done!!!


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