Identifying Colour / Color

In the system I am automating, when searching for accounts, the list of accounts appears as below.
I need my robot to open all accounts that are “live” accounts - these are those that are not highlighted in a shade of yellow.

Currently my robot loops down each account in the list, opening it, and checking a parameter on the account to see if it is live or not.

Is there an easy way for the robot to identify colours, so that it doesn’t open accounts with a yellow background?


Maybe with that :

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Thanks @decalajoraire

I’ve looked at ColorDetectorActivities 1.0.3 but it only allows you to specify an x/y coordinate on the screen, and not within a given selector and/or clipping region.

I’ll take a look at UiPathTeam.GetPixelsFromImage.Activities 1.0.0 and report back.

UiPathTeam.GetPixelsFromImage.Activities 1.0.0 seems to just return an array of pixel colours for a given input image, defined by a file path, so doesn’t seem to do what I need either.

The ColorDetectorActivities 1.0.3 would be ideal if it had selectors and clipping regions as properties.

The Get Position Activitie give you a Rectangle variable type, and you can call

Rectangle.X and Rectangle.Y (int32 variable)

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Thanks @decalajoraire - I’ll give that a go, and see if it solves my issues.

Hi - Request your help to download the ColorDetectorActivity. Am unable to find in my UiPath studio version 2018.4.4.