Color in Excel sheet

Hi Guys,
Could you please help on below requirement.

I want to create a color through RGB and hexacode and fill in excel sheet cell.

Is there any code required to do so.


You can use Set range color activity and it will take a System.Drawing.Color type parameter…

Thanks bcorrea.
Through Set Range color activity I have done and it is simple but want to create through RGB or Hexacode and fill the color in excel sheet.
Is there any way to achieve through RGB,ARGB or Hexacode.

Yes, you have options that exists in System.Drawing namespace, if all your colors is in this list: then even better, if you want custom colors you can use, like this:


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you can use the set Range color activity
for the color do following

create a variable e.g with name: rgcol of Datatype System.Drawing.Color
within the default value init it with: Color.FromArgb(255,198,239,206)

and use rgcol for the set Range Color Activity settings

for further reference: How to apply (a)rgb color code on EXCEL cell range - #2 by Jacqui_M