How to apply (a)rgb color code on EXCEL cell range

Hi All,
I have one color code in this color code in need to apply in excel. Which activity I need to usecode

Hey @Buvaneshwaran_R

Seems like people have tried to do this from hex: Color in Excel sheet - #3 by Abhishek_sinha

Maybe try using the RGB .NET method instead: Color.FromRgb(Byte, Byte, Byte) Method (System.Windows.Media) | Microsoft Learn

You can use the Set Range Activity

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you can use the set Range color activity
for the color do following

create a variable e.g with name: rgcol of Datatype System.Drawing.Color
within the default value init it with: Color.FromArgb(255,198,239,206)

and use rgcol for the set Range Color Activity settings


Thank you so much…this worked for me :slight_smile: