Color a string

Hello There,

Is it possible to change the color of a string to a desired one and then paste it to Excel?
P.S: I cannot use “Set Range Color” activity as the range is unknown.

Rhitam Deb

Hi @Rhitam_Deb

Use highlight activity and choose a color for a string


How would I enter the string?

Hope unless we know the range where to enter the Colored data to the excel, then where it is passed to the excel I mean to which column, at which row
— how it is assigned to a excel via
Because we would using a assign activity with row plus columnname of the datatable on left side and value in right side
We would be using write cell activity to pass a value to a excel
If that is known it’s very simple to use with set range colour activity

Cheers @Rhitam_Deb

Hi @Rhitam_Deb

U can print it based on log message as string variable and choose error


I am assigning the value to the datatable as <row(“Column_Name”)>=<string_variable>