Collection in UiPath Form

Hi Guys,
I’m currently working with Uipath forms,
I need to insert data through variables in the Collection
And then when the user continues the process, the arguments will be updated according to the user’s input(which is not working)

I thought making the arguments in/out and the FormFieldData blank is enough but mabe I’m missing something,

Here are the images for reference…


Hi @uvazquez

Using form activity can highly improve usability of attended robot.
The first thing I want to confirm is your form’s setting,
your fields’ names must be same to each property name.
Or you can provide whole process so so that I can find out the problem and fix it for you.

Hi, Ive already double checked the names and they are the same, if you can I would really apreciate your help

Automation - (3.5 MB)

You have your Values as just the key names, not the same as what you have in your Multiple Assign. Make them the same, as in io_Config(“ProgramData”) not just ProgramData.

The way you’re doing it, you’re putting the values into regular variables, not io_Config.

Hi Paul,
So you are saying to put io_Config(“value”) as the Value in the Collection?
I tried so, but a Incorrect L-Value error appears when the direction is i/o

That actually makes sense now that I think about it. Because the OUT would be io_Config(“Value”) but the IN would have to be io_Config(“Value”).ToString

You’ll have to just add another Multiple Assign right after the Form Activity, and assign the ProgramData value to io_Config(“ProgramData”) etc

After some testing, I saw that the cause of the problem are the containers, which I would need to set active some form options based on conditions,

As stated on How to get data from container in forms, I tried using both collections and json, but in both cases the container doesnt allow a reading on the options in the container,

I there an alternative I can use?