Cognitive Activity: Watson


I have not found out what is expected for the api key in the cognitive activity.
Is it the token which you need to request ? Or is it the JSON which includes URL, User, PW ?



It is just the token.

Hi @richarddenton, can you give us the format of that token? Like an example of how to put the key of the Watson activity in UiPath.

Hi @richarddenton,

I created an account at IBM Bluemix and registered a Watson service. The following credential is shown:

“url”: “”,
“username”: “yyyyyyyy-tttt-ffff-blaa-1234567891234”,
“password”: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”

So how do I receive the requested token for UIPATH from Watson Service ?



Found the solution:

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Hi @dsuhari.
Can you give me an example of how to do this activity? It doesn’t works with the token or the credentials. I don’t know if I am putting the key in a wrong way.

Hi @dsuhari
I’ve got the IBM token but when I paste the token into the Key field in IBM Watson, it doesn’t work. Can you please help me how to use the token?

When you say it doesn’t work, what do you mean? do you get any sort of error message? Please send a screenshot of what you have done.


After I’ve got the token using curl method from IBM token instructions

The token is something like this:


I pasted the token into the Key input field of IBM Watson Text Analysis Activity and run the sequence and it’s run to an error as below:

That’s the situation I’ve run into. Not sure if I’ve got the token in the wrong way or I gotta do something to turn the token into a key.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Hoang_Anh_Bui do you get the same mistake when you use the token outter UIPath using the “Using a token” instruction ?

Br, Dennis

Hi @dsuhari,

I’ve never used the token outter UiPath so can’t tell anything more than that.
I know this sounds a bit of a noob question but can you tell me how exactly do you work with IBM Watson activity on UiPath? A step-by-step would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Hoang Anh

In IBM Watson text analysis,I’m getting the error like this while running my task.
“code”: 401,
“error”: “Not Authorized”,
“description”: “No credentials supplied.”
Please anyone help me out to do this.

Seems that you have not supplied credentials :slight_smile:

Do you have a test token? - if you search the forum you will find guides on how to do this.


Hi All,

We want to use IBM Watson Text Analysis for one process. I am not able to generate API key for service. I have received token but how to use it further i dont know.
Could someone please guide us to get it done.

And What will be the Service URL?



Can you please let me know how did you get the token for Natural Language Understanding?

curl -X GET --user “username”:“password” \ “

I got the token, however where do i add my model ID?

I got the token, however i am getting the same error as 401 or the alchemy error, when i leave the URL empty.