Coded Workflow, Generate Code does not work

Hello, I’m using coded workflow for the first time. I’m trying to use the “Code Generation” activity but I continue getting an error. I’m testing something simple , setting an int variable to three. This is the error I get:


Hey @David_Hernandez2 ,

Can you try changing in the prompt the second part of the statement from :
‘Set it two 5’

To :
‘Set it to 5’

Hope it helps.

Happy automating.!!

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Thanks ,

I looked further into the exception message and its:


Do I need to enable generate code access somewhere?

Hey @David_Hernandez2 ,

Yes please check the role’s access in orchestrator ->Tenant → Manage Access → Roles tab of the particular bot you are trying to use the prompt in.


I’m doing this in UiPath studio directly, under my account which is an admin.


Any validation errors in your project will block the generation. Try to fix any validation error in the code first and then try to generate code.

Ashok :slightly_smiling_face: