Error since update

Hi community,

Since the last update I suddenly can’t run my flow anymore. I haven’t changed anything and it used to run without any problems (I’ve been using the exact same flow for over a year now without any problems). The error I get is:

Error: System.Exception: Unable to generate code with the given Coded Workflow version. Please upgrade to the latest version.
at UiPath.Studio.ProjectCompiler.Services.ProjectCompilerService.CompileAsync(ProjectCompilationDependencies deps, IWorkflowProject project, IProjectCompilerSettings settings), HResult -2146233088

Can anybody help me?

Hi @Qris

Make sure you have the correct version ( of ‘UiPath Coded Workflows’ installed in your project. Check if the assembly file exists, and verify that the namespace is correctly imported in your XAML file. If the problem persists, rebuild your project and check for any conflicting dependencies. Try updating the dependencies too.

Hope it helps!!

Updating all the packages and removing all older folders did the trick :slight_smile:

Hi @Qris

Hope your query is resolved. If yes, please mark my post as solution to close the loop. If not, if you have any queries I’m happy to help.