Code review

how to do the code/development review of the current process in the framework , understanding the major activities .

yes I know the whole detailed manual process
we are using re-framework for this , its libraries and test by using excel file
I need to know how each state works in Order Confirmation framework.

Hi @Sakshi_Jain

what is your specific question?

So wr have project as in buisness process to automate , total 4 developers have built the project and many enhancements are done
I want to do the code review of whole development understand the process and transition

what are the best practices to do code review ?

I want o understand the best practices to do code review

You should start with PDD to check what robot should do. Next check SDD (if it was created). You can check the project if there is Annotation.

Good developer should write some comments if there is some complex logic in code.

Check whats changed in REFramework. Check what data can be switch by assets, and if there is any danger for company if someone would switch that (for. ex. account number to make pay outs stored in asset).

Check Process step by step comparing with PDD. Robot should work as was predicted in PDD.

You can start here - Best Practices using UIPATH STUDIO

Automation Best Practices

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One good practice i would recommend is using ‘Workflow Analyzer’
Use this feature in the studio to do a check across best practices, any infinite loops, variables, arguments, etc.

More details can be found here: