Important coding standards in Uipath

Hello guys ,

Can anyone jot down important coding standards to keep in mind when delivering a project.These can be with reference to Re-framework , APIs , arguments and general coding methods and logics .A document regarding the same would be helpful.


Hi @gokul1904

Here is few coding standards and best practices.

Hope this will be useful. Thank you.

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Remember: best practices are just advise from a certain point of view.
With experience you’ll devise your own best practices that might deviate from what others dictate as best.

UiPath best practices are very practical in 95% of the cases, and a few simply don’t make any sense. Don’t copy a best practice blindly and consider it a ritualistic obligation, but keep thinking for yourself and us what is usefull, ignore the rest.

There’s enough of sheep-like following going around in the world already…. Use that brain! :smile:

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