Code is invalid or expire error getting - after using Get google token custom activity

Unable to login into web app, via google authentication token activity.
Showing the code is invalid or expire. refer below img for better understanding.


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If you are using the two step verificcation activity from the marketplace…then it is already mentioned there that sometimes the code might fail…so you can try using a retry around it to generate new code and input again when failed


@Anil_G thanks for the suggestion,
Same has been implemented in the exiting workflow, after retrying with multiple token code to login (once click on login, halted for 30s), it’s getting failed.

It would be helpful, if any another workaround or implementation has been suggested or given.


The generation of token must be done just before use…as it would expire in 30 seconds


Same i have been doing, once a token is generated, it is used within 30 seconds, and the next token generation is delayed by 30 seconds.

Have you double checked that the machine on which this code is running is set to the right date/time and appropriate time-zone?
These codes are generated based on UTC time IIRC, and any diversion of over 1 minute will lead to similar issues.

Also, try to add a short delay of 1 or 5 seconds between typed keys and before typing the first key.

Thanks for the reply,
All the suggestion given on this post had been try and implemented, But still facing the same error. Please refer the below image.

Can you save the Get_TokenP_Data.ToString.Trim in a variable and specify that variable in the Text?

Try testing the different configurations in the Options of the Type Into and see the results.