Access website with Token as password to login

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I have this end to end process almost perfect for RPA, rule based, structured data, standardized, stable over time etc, the only problem is that part of the process requires access to a website to enter data and the session expires every 15 minutes.

It’s necessary to enter a token (provided by a hardware device) to login, now my first thought it is that I won’t necessarily upload data every 15 minutes (the average time to complete the process is 3-4 mimutes) but yes I do need to have this page open, to get the token a person has to press a button and get the token.

I will normally think that is an hexadecimal key, but it seems this is not the case, to be honest I don’t know how it works.

Security will not allow me to change the polices to access the website, in other cases working with this kind of tokens, allowed me to create a list of 5-7 tokens and they remained active for 24 hours and I was able to login any time I wanted.

for this I am thinking to ask a person to enter the token every 15 minutes but this will decrease a the saving and it seems that is not very likely to the operation to have a person doing this, even when they are working on part of the process (calling customers, this is an exception of the process)

Any Idea would be much appreciated. :sunglasses:

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@beesheep, I am making a suggestion on a very old post from february I know but…could you use something like Lastpass authenticator that automates the authentication process?

Hello bill,

Time does not exist on the internet I guess, lol, but for financial insitutions a third party will not work but hey it might work for future clients, not PCI clients.