Code Deployment


Is it possible to deploy the code directly via SVN?.
We have an SVN repository with different branches, folders, etc. While the code is in development we commit, update, revert, etc. but at the moment when the code is ready for the production, we have to publish our project.
Then that file (.nupkg) is manually transferred to the production machine(windows user) and then unpackaged via robot.exe and then uploaded back to the production branch.

Is it possible that I can update directly from a branch to a production environment?

Half a year ago we talked with UiPath support and they said that the code must be published in order to work ( we got the code and it did not work on production environment until we published it)

Hope you understand the question.

Thank you

Hi @Petar_Soce

For the new code to work, it should be published just as UiPath support team mentioned. The only thing you need to do to send the files to production machine would be to install SVN there and sync it.

So, I would suggest, in your development branch, create a new folder where you put the publishable nupkg file. This will also be committed to SVN. Then for each release, sync the branch you are to deploy to the production server so that the changes will be automatically replicated in the production machine folder. Then, you can use that nupkg file to publish the new version.

That’s how we usually do in our automation environments.

Yes. We have versioning on our production environment. But lets say I have a “proces A”, the development is finished. I now publish that process and upload the .nupkg file to SVN so it can updated(lowered) on production. After that, that package should be unpacked (inside production environment) and then the unpacked folder, should be for the first time implemented on the production branch.
There is no way that my code which is on development branch is just transfered to the production branch and then lowered (update) on production.

Is it possible to unpack the file onto a different folder? If that can be done, you could maintain a different SVN folder/ branch where you can maintain all the unpacked folders for every release. May be by using a release number for easy identification.

Well basically if you cant run the code without publishing it, you cant do what I thought possible.
Open new project–>version it–>develop–>update directly from branch to production the whole code.

Thank you