Code Activity - Creating my own algorithms

I wanna use code to be more fast my development, instead of create all the things in flow mode. Using code to manipulate data and flow to organize, but I think that code some parts will be improve my development.

So, my question is, has some possibility to create code parts to make data manipulation?

Just go ahead :). Here you’ll find some custom activity samples from UiPath: UiPath · GitHub. You can also import and run your own code.


I Wanna do something like this picture, Coding direct in the flow, simple pieces of code, like to loop in variables and set variables, all inside the same code.


Ah, got it! It is on our roadmap but it is not trivial. It will take time.


Great to hear that. Thanks for attention.

Cooooode! In Beta… Thanks to @adrian Code.xaml (5.3 KB)

Enjoy VB :tired_face:.
Check the universal search.

Works only from 2017.1.6289 up.


Hello @badita,

I’m currently running on version V2016.2 and no available update link is displayed under the Help tab.
How to update the latest version of UiPath Studio?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re using Community and select the beta channel for updates (in Help) page it should update automatically. Just wait some time :grinning: and then restart the application


Thanks @Lavinia :slight_smile: It works!!!

It will be fantastic to write our code

Hi :slight_smile: I’m using Pro with Beta selected, but still no update link appears (even after waiting 24h). Current version: 2016.2.6274. What am I doing wrong?

hello @TDagsvik
It is only available now for Community beta chanel. It will take time to use it with Pro version.

@badita can confirm more on this.


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Thanks! Is there any way to get to test it with the Pro version? I would love to be able to play around with beta activities such as this.

Any idea when this would be introduced to Pro version. I am currently using Version 2016.2.6274

Amazing :star_struck: !! many thanks @badita & @adrian

Love it - great job!

I took the longer route. Uninstall 2016.2 and then installed 2018.1 …