i need to close cmd window if element exists like below image then have to close window

if not exist i need to loop after delay 10 sec.

simply the bot has to close cmd window when “File Succesfully” appears

Any help can be useful

Thanks in advance

Hi @jai_kumar2 Use Get Text activity to extract the data from the cmd prompt. Then take if condition to check the above data exists

Condition - Output.Contains("File Succesfully")
  • Output is the var of type string contains the extracted text
  • Then block >> do nothing
  • Else block >> need to loop after delay 10 sec

Hi @jai_kumar2

You can open the cmd window inside attach window activities, perform the necessary actions & use ‘Wait screen text’ activity to track the mentioned text to appear. Once it’s true, you can use the close window activity to close the terminal.

You can refer the document for the specified activity:

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Hi thanks for reply

in wait screen text throwing error like - Terminal error : Not Connected

Please some one help me on this

still no solution for this

You can use the classic activity Get Visible Text to retrieve the text from the command prompt:


WaitForCmdText.xaml (9.6 KB)

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