How to use Text exists in cmd promt

I am working on cmd prompt automation. As I am entering the input its taking time to get the result so once I get the data need to proceed further. How to check the text has come . I am using Text Exists activity but its not working

Any suggestions would be helpful


You can use a loop and wait for the element exists to become true.

  1. get all the value in the cmd using Get text
  2. check the output fem above step contains the string which is required. String.contains(”word”)
    3)if not continue the loop else break

Another method is you can write the result to a text file using batch file itself and Uipath can check whether file generated or not. If generated script can read the text file to get the result and then delete the file.

Hi @Mohammed_Nawazuddin,

Hope these activities help in reading out the output.

Please do check out & let us know.

Ashwini Kempraj