Cloud Orchestrator display problem

Hello, I’m having some display issues in Cloud Orchestrator (see attached screenshot).
I have tried Chrome and Edge browser, but both browsers seem to have the same issue.

Does anyone have the same issue as well?


Did you try changing the display zoom ?


Yes, but no difference setting display zoom from 50% ~ 150%


Did you try clearing the cache and temp
Fies ?


Yes, have tried that too but it didn’t help. :frowning:


Is it happening on on your machine? Happened to try accessing same tenant/user from other machines?

Hi Anil, only certain machines having this issue.

Can you update both browsers to the latest update and then reopen them?


Also, try to log out from Cloud Portal, and sign in again.

Which are the results?

Hi Marian, unfortunately I can’t update my browsers to the latest version as its managed by company. However, I checked the version we are using and it is quite new, see my screenshots.

Log out from Cloud portal and log in does not help as well.


It seems that your browser versions are old and don’t have the latest patch: Software requirements

We are supporting the 2 latest versions:

For Edge Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel | Microsoft Learn

  • Version 108.0.1462.76: January 5, 2023 (Fixed various bugs and performance issues for Stable and Extended Stable release.)
  • Version 108.0.1462.54: December 16, 2022 (It may have some issues that were fixed in 108.0.1462.76)

Also, you can check similarly for Chrome releases.

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