Close "Untitled" Google Chrome Window

I am getting a download window in google chrome where the URL is set to about:blank. I am not able to close the window using close tab or using close application. Kill process works but it disrupts the workflow as there will be a “Chrome did not shut down correctly”. Any ideas?Error%20Message

Does the OK button work? Or clicking the X next to the Untitled Row? Would need more context

hi @abarrineau

Use Send Hot Key as Ctrl +W

This will help :smile:

Ashwin S

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I was unable to select any elements of the popup about:blank windows/tabs. They always appear in the Edit Selector window as chrome.exe. When trying to modify it to look for a title it doesn’t find anything. When leaving the app=‘chrome.exe’ alone and pressing the Highlight button the parent window is highlighted.

What worked was after performing a save/save as, click on a static element of the parent window, send an Alt+tab hotkey, and then a Ctrl+W hotkey. I set this up inside of a For Each Row loop reading a CSV file to make sure this is repetitive. It worked but it seems rather crude so this will have to be a solution. I’ll keep working to find a better approach.

I spent many hours trying to solve this problem, there wasn’t a solution in this post, so I decided to share the way that solved my problem.
Using the “Activate” activity and indicating the window that needs to be closed, I changed the detection structure to UI:AA (F4)
Then I sent Ctrl+W

What was the selector you have taken from activate window activity

Use Attach window and Close window as shown in Pic attached. Pass Attach window output variable to Close window. This Will work.

Close window

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