Client Security assignment- Assignment status :Resubmit

Hi all,

Everytime i try to submit my submit my assignment, I am asked to resubmit with score 0/100.

I have followed all instructions and fulfilled the preconditions.

Kindly help!

Hi @ravdeep.saini31 welcome to forum

Since u are scoring 0/100 every time u submit
Please check the below points

  1. Do not reset the test data after running the program , zip and upload the workflow in assignment section

  2. Check whether there is spacing in client ID, country etc while creating hash

More details on second point can be found here Assignment 1 of Level 3 Course - Getting Failed Result

Apart from this you can find many questions on assignment on forum please check out that too

Even after all you cannot resolve the issue you can contact @loginerror, @Pablito

They will help you

Hope it helps :blush:


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Thankyou Nived!
Removing the spacing helped. Passed with 100/100.


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