ClickText Not Working In ForEachRow

Hi All,

Still having issues trying to get ClickText to work for me in the ForEachRow activity. I have successfully scraped the data (verified with a message box displaying the text I wish to be clicked) but when it actually goes to click it, it comes back as if the element isn’t there to do so.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Fine let’s do one
—hope we have the text ready with us
—so let’s use FIND TEXT POSITION activity and pass the text as input
—we will be getting output variable as uielement
—get that variable and pass that as input to normal CLICK activity by passing that uielement to the ELEMENT property in the property panel instead of selecting a element with selector

Hope this would help you
Cheers @heblightning

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@Palaniyappan I just tried this too, no luck. I also tried in the FindTextPosition to look for row(“Notes”).toString. I wish the site did not contain sensitive information or else I would share it with you.