Datascraper Utility But Clicking Instead

Curious if there was a way to utilize the datascrapings ability of selecting the “first element” “second element” source find to click instead of collect info. I have a long list of links that I need to click and automate in.



After scraping the data, use Click Text activity and pass those scraped data to click on that text.

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Any way you might be able to walk me through how to do that step by step? @lakshman Still very fresh to the program. Appreciate the help.

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  1. Use Data Scraping activity to scrape the data from browser and will give you output as Datatable.

  2. Then use ForEach Row activity to iterate one by one row.

                 ForEach row in DataTableName
                         - Use Click Text activity and pass **row("ColumnName").ToString**

@lakshman I ran a message box to make sure it was grabbing the right text to click (it is). For some reason I keep getting this error:

“Source: Click Text (Click Text)
Message: The method or operation is not implemented.
Exception Type: System.NotImplementedException”

Hope these steps would help you resolve this
—use Data scrapping method from design tab in uipath and scrap on the structured data we want
—the output will be a datatable variable
—now use a for each row activity and password the above variable as input to it
—inside the loop use a CLICK TEXT activity where in the input value mention as

Here in the property panel of click text activity enable simulate click prod and wait for ready property as complete

—and the above is due to that we have used click text but haven’t passed wth any input that’s why

No worries
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @heblightning

That’s how it is set up right now. @Palaniyappan I will try to have it continue on error and see if it works.

Edit: Continue on error had no effect.

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@Palaniyappan Just an idea, am I able to in the UIExplorer see where it will click on click text? Maybe its missing the clickable zone.

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This will actually let us to continue with the process even if the click text is not able to click on the text we need like avoiding exception
So it won’t have any impact in our process

we can use a normal click activity either with slight modification in the selector
That is we will be having a attribute called aaname where we can change the value dynamically
like this
aaname = ‘ “ + row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString + “ ‘

This will help you to click on the text we want
Rather to click text activity like it’s another way to approach

Make sure that
—once the selector is modified copy the whole selector and mention it between double quotes in the selector property as a string value I.e., avoid making changes in the selector editor and pass it as a value between double quotes as string to selector property
—and enable simulate click property as well in the property panel of click activity

Cheers @heblightning

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@Palaniyappan thank you for the response. You lost me after you said click activity haha. Im not sure where to enter in “aaname”. Can you send a zip file with an example for me please?

Thanks in advance!