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I am new to this Uipath, I am making one use case i.e., “Temperature fetching from browser” Read data from Excel(cities info)and search those cities temperature in browser and then place the same sheet next to the city or along with cities place the new sheet this is my use case in that process i am facing the error error sc is attached. Can anyone give me suggestions.

Hi @rakiram.krishna,
Are you trying to close the browser tab?

If yes kindly use close tab activity in uipath


if you need to close the tab use the close than inside and attach browser activity, or if you need to close the chrome use the close application and select chrome


Hi@Arivazhagan A

My issue was resolved after your suggestion. My use case was successfully executed.
Thank you.

With Regards.

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Hi @rakiram.krishna

Another solution

Try to use Kill Process Activity



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